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Lighting the Path to a Brighter Future

Transforming Lives Through Education

Join The Silokwethemba Project in making a tangible difference in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Tshelanyemba, Zimbabwe. Your support can ignite a cycle of positive change and hope.

We Are The Silokwethemba Project

A Commitment to Education and Health in Zimbabwe

Empowering Nearly 12,000 Children Since 2004 in Tshelanyemba

The Silokwethemba Project is dedicated to making a lasting impact in the lives of orphaned children in Zimbabwe, primarily through education and health initiatives. Discover our journey of hope and resilience.


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Our Mission

Our Mission is to support the children of Tshelanyemba in their hope for a brighter future.

Years of Hope

How We Help

Building Foundations for a Brighter Future

Education for Hope

Supporting over 600 children annually with school fees.

Footsteps to School

Giving shoes to boost school attendance and health.

Joy through Sport

Soccer programs fostering teamwork and joy.

Nutritional Support

Addressing malnutrition with essential food supplies.


School Fees Paid


Children Supported Annually


Shoes Supplied


Years of Hope and Support

The Power of Education

Changing lives through learning. Education is the cornerstone of our mission. School is not free in Zimbabwe, and orphans rarely have the opportunity to attend school. By funding school fees, we help pave the way for a better life for orphans in Tshelanyemba.

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Your Contributions Matter

We Can Create Lasting Change Together

Support Education

$50 for Children’s Education.

Your $50 donation contributes to our school fees program, thereby unlocking a child’s potential and paving their path to a brighter future.

A Pair of Shoes

$10 for Steps towards School.

With just $10, you provide a pair of shoes, ensuring a child’s journey to and from school every day.

Sports and Wellness

$35 for Play and Growth.

Your $35 donation does more than just supply soccer equipment; it gives children the opportunity to enjoy their childhood through play.

Our Impact in the Community

Feedback from Headmasters in Tshelanyemba

Sikhumbuzo Nyathi

Headmaster, Kafusi Primary School
On behalf of the School Development Committee, teachers, learners and the entire community, I hereby write this letter expressing our deep heartfelt praises to you and you colleagues for the support you give to our school. We would not manage to operate well and meet our goals without your support You really play a vital role in the development of our school and community as a whole

F. N. Ndlovu

Headmaster, Lingwe Primary School

On behalf of the community, staff and pupils of our school, I would like to thank your organization in paying levies for our underprivileged children. This shall go a long way to retaining them at school and help build a bright and fruitful future. I would like to express our profound gratitude for your continued support.

Our Team

Meet the Silokwethemba Project Team

The Silokwethemba Project is a passion project for Max Vincent and Anne Letendre, both of whom are educators in BC, Canada.

The project started when Max first went to Zimbabwe in 2000 and was immediately taken by the people in the community and the beauty of the area. After four months of living there in 2004, he started the Silokwethemba Project. Three years later in 2007 he invited his friend Anne to come with him to Tshelanyemba, Zimbabwe. Like him, She also became passionate about the community. Both have returned to the village every year since.

Their passion for education has resulted in the payment of more than 11,900 school fees for orphans and vulnerable children in the Tshelanyemba region of southern Zimbabwe. Since 2004, the project has expanded to include soccer, shoes, food distribution and many other smaller community projects. The Silokwethemba Project has become their ‘other full-time job’. Both of them have developed strong connections with the amazing people of Zimbabwe.

Q: How can I donate?

A: To donate, contact the Silokwethemba team by email at Tax receipts are issued for all donations by The Salvation Army (Canada). Please reach out for more information.

Q: How do children become Silokwethemba recipients?

A: The choosing of children is a community-based decision. There are 3 groups that are involved; the local School Development Committee (Parent and Community leaders), the School Headmaster and the Area Co-ordinator. The first priority is given to students who are orphaned, these children may be living with a older sibling who is now taking on care responsibilities. The next group are the vulnerable children, these children often have one parent and that parent is often ill and not able to support the family. Once children have been chosen as a recipient, they will remain a recipient until they graduate or move from the area. The committee will then select a new student, following the same criteria.

Q: Do you do any other work in the Tshelanyemba community?

A: Nutritional support

The living conditions for the people in this part of Zimbabwe are desperate as the people are among the poorest in the country. Malnourishment is commonplace. In 2006 we began our peanut butter project, as a part of a social responsibility project from Blakeburn Elementary School, Coquitlam.  Jars of peanut butter are purchased and dispensed by the hospital, to those suffering from malnutrition.

After School Care

While we are in the village we offer 6 days of after school activities. These are fun sessions for the local children to come play games, make crafts, colour and interact and get to know us. It is a great opportunity for the children to practice their English and for us to learn Ndebele (the local language).

Mavis Moyo Scholarship fund

Mavis Moyo was a great supporter of the Silokwethemba project for many years. In honour of her retirement we established the Mavis Moyo Scholarship Fund. The funds collected will support individuals in university studying to become teachers.

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